Luxury Home Improvements in This West 106th Street Kitchen

Luxury Home Improvements in This West 106th Street Kitchen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As in any industry, good partnerships are a key component in the world of luxury home improvement. This kitchen remodel on West 106th Street in New York is a great example of a strong partnership in action. We have been working with Waterfront Kitchens for more than 10 years, and when certain types of projects come along, the company comes to us. When it has a client who is quality-oriented and has a budget that aligns with the design vision, Waterfront Kitchens knows it needs a team that can execute. As a full-service general contractor that can assemble the right team of professionals for the job, the company thought of us for this luxury kitchen renovation and update to the maid’s quarters. 

Luxury Home Improvement Takes True Teamwork 

Hoping to do the final remodel of the apartment they have been living in for years, the couple has been carefully renovating their home one space at a time. Their goal is to do the renovation at a higher level than they have ever done before. As the heart of the home, they started with the kitchen, which has adjacent maid’s quarters. Because of its deep knowledge when it comes to kitchens and all of the systems that go in them, Waterfront Kitchens provided detailed drawings with exact locations for openings, outlets, and other features based on the specifications for the appliances that were selected. Having all of the key information up front enabled the construction process to go smoothly, removed any guesswork, and allowed us to deliver a project that matched the design vision.

Eventually, the project will encompass details such as painting, flooring, a new air-conditioning system, interior decor, and bathroom remodels. For this ongoing work, we will bring in additional team members with the expertise to provide the services required. This might include partners such as an interior designer, a painting contractor, or other types of consultants.

Why Strong Partnerships Benefit the Client

Although the clients initially hired Waterfront Kitchens to start their renovation process, by bringing in a trusted partner who can assemble the team required to do the work, they don’t have to find those subcontractors on their own. The clients get the benefit of a single point of contact and an ongoing relationship with a general contractor they can trust.

It’s fair to say that George at Waterfront Kitchens is a general contractor’s dream. His drawings are extremely detailed, he knows exactly what he wants, and he has a high level of confidence in the execution of his drawings. This means that there is no uncertainty about what the final outcome should be and how we’re supposed to get there. Detailed drawings and a clear design intent also make it easier to prepare a proposal and present realistic pricing, which ultimately benefits the client. 

When we work with Waterfront Kitchens, we know that there will be few surprises because all of the information we need is presented clearly. At the same time, George knows that we are committed to delivering quality projects that bring his design visions to life. In his own words:   

“Well designed and planned renovations are easily derailed with poor execution. As a showroom owner whose 20-year reputation is built on customer satisfaction, it is vital to partner with general contractors that share that same commitment … I continue to recommend Detail Renovations to my clients with confidence for that very reason.”

As the project has progressed, the clients have continued to engage us for additional work. Naturally, we refer Waterfront Kitchens for any work that is appropriate for them, including bathroom design. We take our partnerships seriously and do what we can to maintain strong connections with both designers and subcontractors. 

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