8 Luxury Features to Include in Your High-End Closet

8 Luxury Features to Include in Your High-End Closet

Closets aren’t typically known for their glamor, but investing in a high-end closet renovation can transform your simple storage into an elegant oasis. Now more than ever, people want to declutter their homes and get organized—especially when bedrooms are doubling as home offices. Since the closet is the perfect place to hide the hodgepodge, why not do it in style? If you’re thinking of upgrading to a high-end closet, consider these must-have luxury features.


1. Custom Lighting

There’s nothing more frustrating than blindly digging around in a drawer or hunting for the perfect pair of shoes when you can’t see what’s in the closet. A custom lighting plan can help ensure that all of the key areas are illuminated so you can easily access what you need when you need it. If you have a walk-in closet, consider adjustable mood lighting to help you ease into your day with mellow tones instead of harsh white light. If you have a spacious closet, consider a high-end light fixture as the centerpiece. 


2. Built-in Shelving and Organization

Get the most from your closet by building custom shelves and other storage areas. Creating a high-end closet allows you to customize the space to exactly fit your needs. To organize your closet, you can:

  • Build vertical cubbies or shelves to carefully organize all of your shoes. 
  • Arrange shelves and racks at the right height for suits, dresses, and so on.
  • Install overhead shelves to keep infrequently used items out of the way.
  • Put in drawers to organize smaller items.
  • Use bins to store and organize bulky clothing.

The specific details of how you organize your closet will depend on how much space you have, the layout, and what types of items you want to organize.  


3. Mirrors

If you have a walk-in closet that you also use as a changing area, be sure to leave space for a full-length mirror. When space allows, go for a three-way mirror so you can assess your outfits from every angle. If your closet is flush against a wall, use one or both sides of the doors to hang mirrors. In a smaller room, adding seamless mirrors to a built-in closet wall can create the illusion of more space. No matter where they are located, don’t forget to factor mirrors into your lighting plan. 


4. Safe for Valuables

The closet is the perfect place to stash a safe to keep it out of common areas and hidden from view. Depending on what you intend to store, this could be a small safe that’s tucked away in a custom cabinet or a floor-to-ceiling unit that lives behind its own panel. Regardless of what you choose, take the time to seamlessly integrate it into your design so that it’s not prominently visible.


5. Jewelry and Accessory Storage

Create space for storing smaller items such as jewelry and accessories. Depending on what you have, this might include:

  • Narrow drawers with divided compartments
  • Dedicated shelves with busts for necklaces and/or hats
  • Glass countertops with jewelry displayed below
  • Open racks or shelves

The layout and details will depend on what you want to store and display, so work with your high-end closet designer to determine what works best for your needs.


6. Horizontal Storage Spaces

No matter how many nooks and drawers you have, there is always a need for horizontal storage areas to set things down on the fly. Whether it’s where you stash your handbag when you come home, a spot for your coffee cup, or a place for pictures of the kids, make sure you include something like this in your design. In smaller spaces, this might just be an open shelf or compact countertop with drawers below. In a larger closet, you could have an island with additional storage below.


7. Seating

When space allows, include seating options for comfort and convenience. Use it for a place to perch while putting on your shoes or for taking a time-out from your day. Closet seating can be as compact as an ottoman (which could also include storage) or as big as a comfy couch. It all depends on how much room you have and how you prefer to use the space.  


8. Kitchenette

For the ultimate high-end closet indulgence, add a convenient kitchenette. Include a small fridge; coffeepot; and storage for coffee cups, wine glasses, and whatever else you might want easy access to in the morning or evening. Don’t forget the practical details such as a bar sink and hidden trash can. For many people, the day starts and ends with a visit to the closet. Why not make it an enjoyable experience?


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