5 Stunning Shower Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroom

5 Stunning Shower Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroom

Showers are functional by necessity, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic. In addition to being safe and convenient to use, your shower can also be a relaxing oasis. Think beyond the minimum requirements, and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom renovation with a well-designed shower.

When renovating your home, consider taking your bathroom to the next level with these stunning shower ideas for inspiration.

1. Add warmth with natural touches.

When designing a space meant for cleanliness, it’s easy to inadvertently make a shower feel cold and sterile. Soften up uninspired showers with natural touches that bring warmth with materials such as teak wood, stone, bamboo, and ceramic tile.  

For example, in our Lloyd Harbor project, the shower, which also includes a steam room, has a natural stone bench with integrated LED lighting to create a soothing atmosphere. Whether you need a place to sit and soak up the steam or a functional seat, an integrated bench made from natural materials will help make a functional feature more aesthetically pleasing. 

In our South End Avenue project, the natural river stone floor in the shower creates a multisensory experience. In addition to the textured visual effect, the owners also benefit from the soothing feel of smooth stones beneath their feet. The adjacent teak wood mat adds to the natural vibe in this elegant shower area. 

2. Go wild with tile.

Tile is a classic material used in showers, but the modern aesthetic has moved beyond basic squares. You can create a more modern look in your shower with these tile ideas:

  • Large square or rectangular tiles
  • Patterns such as subway, herringbone, vertical ribbons, and more
  • Textured tiles with wave pattern, circles, wood grain, and more
  • Small, multicolored tiles
  • Bold print tiles from exotic locations so you can bring your vacation memories home and build them into your renovation
  • Unique shapes such as circles, hexagons, long narrow rectangles, and geometric patterns

In the South End Avenue project, the two showers use tile in dramatically different ways. In one, large, elegant tile allows the stone floor to shine. The classic small tile in the other shower evokes a retro vibe that matches the colored countertop. 

In our Central Park West project, the shower incorporates a combination of large and small tiles to create an accent wall that extends from the backsplash above the adjacent sink and complements the artwork above. 

3. Upgrade to luxury fixtures.

Upgrading your shower fixtures can transform a boring daily routine into an event you look forward to. They can also add style and character to the space with minimalist modern, vintage, or opulent luxury aesthetics. Functional options for fixtures include a rain effect, waterfall, handheld sprayers, wall sprayers, and integrated mood or therapeutic lighting. 


In our 11th Avenue project, the clients opted for brass fixtures with both an overhead and handheld sprayer for ultimate convenience. The bright sheen of the brass is the perfect complement to the luxurious marble walls and floor in the shower. 

4. Be bold with built-ins.

To get the most from your showering experience, it’s important to have appropriate storage. You need something that fits all of your toiletries, is easy to access, and is easy to clean. Although the need is functional, this is also an opportunity for design. Build integrated nooks, shelves, or benches to match your unique needs and style. Depending on the look you desire, you can use different materials for built-ins or incorporate them into the wall using the same materials.

The 11th Avenue project has a perfect example of a seamlessly integrated shower shelf. The marble slab floats at just the right height for all the necessities and appears invisible because it blends into the wall behind it. 

5. Create comfort and convenience.

Think about who will be using the showers in your home and their current and future needs, especially when renovating. This is a great opportunity to add grab bars, built-in benches, and other safety features that will enhance the showering experience. When designing the space, think about getting in and out of the shower and whether you want a tub, step-through, or curbless shower. Closures are also an important consideration for accessibility, so determine what type of door or curtain is best for your needs. 

The Lloyd Harbor shower with a custom stone bench is a good example of an elegant accessibility feature that enhances the space. The curbless shower and easy-to-open glass door also make this shower design timeless. 

Use these stunning shower ideas to start your renovation today.

If you have been considering a bathroom remodel or shower upgrade, we’re here to help. We work closely with expert designers to help you determine the best features and fixtures for your unique needs. In addition to the functional elements, our expert craftsmanship ensures that your bathroom will be perfectly executed, down to the tiny details. Give us a call to schedule a consultation and discuss your stunning shower ideas.