Lighting Up This Work Space on Broadway with a High-End Remodel

Lighting Up This Work Space on Broadway with a High-End Remodel

As a luxury real estate leader in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the Halstead Real Estate offices need to reflect a certain aesthetic. In the case of the office located at 831 Broadway in Manhattan, the client wanted to make the space feel more like a home, making it a perfect fit for us because although the majority of our renovation work is residential, we also have high-end remodel experience with office spaces. 

We worked closely with the interior design firm to do a full commercial renovation in the former studio of Willem de Kooning. The historic cast-iron building presented a unique set of opportunities and challenges, and the ultimate goals were to make the space feel more welcoming for clients and to create a comfortable work environment for employees.

Catering to Clients

Halstead wanted to create a space that made its customers feel like they were walking into a luxurious home rather than a typical real estate office. Halstead wanted a visually interesting space that delivered a memorable experience. Starting with a remarkable building was the first step, but transforming it from a former artist’s studio into a high-end real estate office required some design effort. Halstead also needed to modernize the antique bathrooms and make major updates throughout the building. 

With stately pillars, extra-tall ceilings, and heavy ironwork, it’s easy to imagine how this grand space might feel imposing. To soften the textures, the walls were skim-coated, and brand-new carpeting and flooring were installed. The designer also specified textiles, furniture, and a color palette that would lighten the space and make it feel more welcoming.

We provided custom millwork and glasswork that complemented the antique aesthetic while also providing a residential feel, with smooth curves and calming patterns and textures. We also created a custom lighting system that sufficiently illuminates the space but feels more elegant than institutional. Each light fixture makes a statement without drawing too much attention away from the other features in the room.

Embracing the Employee Experience

With many people spending one-third of their day, or more, at the office, Halstead wanted to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere for both agents and management to do their work. The building started as a large open space that felt uninviting and overwhelming. With this blank slate and the limitations of structural elements that could not be altered, the designer created different environments that each had a unique but cohesive feel so that they flowed seamlessly from one to the next. 

Discrete spaces also contribute to a less hectic work environment for the agents and other staff. Workstations, offices, meeting rooms, and waiting areas feel warm and inviting, and not like a typical commercial office space. To achieve this effect, we restored many of the original features, such as the detailed ironwork and latticed radiator covers, while also adding the amenities that make the space more modern and user-friendly. 

The antique bathrooms were especially challenging because they needed to be both functionally modern and aesthetically consistent with the rest of the space. We upgraded the fixtures and systems while maintaining the historic look with classic tile, brass accents, and intricate molding.

Transitions Take Teamwork

It took a team effort to preserve the charm of this special space while converting it into a practical work environment that is both welcoming to clients and comfortable for employees. The designer had a clear vision that aligned with the client’s needs, and we executed with our deep experience in high-end remodel projects. The result is a truly unique space that dazzles Halstead’s customers from the moment they walk in the door and allows employees to work both efficiently and comfortably.

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