Large Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas Draped in Elegance

Master Bedroom Renovation in New York

Large Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas Draped in Elegance

The master bedroom is often an oasis. It’s your own space where you can have private time in the morning and escape at the end of the day. A master bedroom renovation gives you the opportunity to create the space of your dreams. This is your chance to splurge on a state-of-the-art entertainment system, put in the fireplace you have always wanted, or build a magazine-worthy master closet.

When doing a master bedroom renovation, you get to decide what gets the most attention in the room and choose the layout, features, and furnishings that make the most sense for your space and lifestyle. If you’re planning a large master bedroom renovation, consider these ideas for inspiration.

Separate Sitting Area

Master bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. Make a nook where you can read the newspaper in the morning or curl up on a lazy weekend. Set up a sitting area around a fireplace so you can catch up with your partner at the end of a long day. This space could be either a designated area in a large room or a side area with some separation for privacy.

Luxury Closet

Nothing says luxury like custom built-ins that match your wardrobe. Maximize space with hanging storage that exactly matches the length of your suit jackets or is tall enough to store long dresses without rumpling. Create custom cubbies or shelves for shoes so you can choose the perfect match for your outfit.

If you keep accessories in your closet, consider a jewelry or watch display case that is both functional and beautiful. For more valuable items, a discreet safe that’s tucked away in the closet will keep them secure. Don’t forget to include seating so you can catch up with friends or kids and horizontal spaces for temporarily storing items as you prepare for the day.

Statement Furnishings

When doing a master bedroom renovation, make sure any furnishings you select are sized proportionally for the room. Consider a statement piece such as an antique bed frame or a built-in headboard with integrated lighting to design the rest of the room around. If you have other favorite pieces of bedroom furniture, think of ways you can showcase them in your newly remodeled space.

Elegant rugs are also a great way to separate different areas of the room, especially in a larger master bedroom. They also contribute to a cozy vibe or modern aesthetic, depending on the style you choose.

Functional Lighting

Since you have the space, why not consider a statement chandelier for your master bedroom renovation? If you prefer something more subtle, invest in customized lighting solutions with adjustable features—either at the switch or on a handy remote—to match your mood.

Functional and elegant lighting in your luxury closet can illuminate items on shelving and ensure that you have enough light to effectively coordinate your look for the day. If you like to wake up without the jolt of an alarm, invest in automatic shades to let in natural light in the morning and provide privacy at night.

Entertainment Systems

Wind down after a long day with a movie on an entertainment system nestled into custom built-ins. Integrate speakers into a headboard or install a surround sound system for the ultimate viewing experience. Add smart home features that allow you to turn on devices, watch TV, and play music with voice controls. You could also add a side room that is tailored for entertainment, complete with a mini-kitchen to satisfy your snack cravings.

Choose Detail Renovations for Your Master Bedroom Renovation

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