5 Tips for Making a Bold Statement with Your Home Improvements

Home renovations in upscale New York apartment.

5 Tips for Making a Bold Statement with Your Home Improvements

Home improvements are often focused on adding or improving functionality, but they also offer the opportunity to bring some flair to your space. Whether you’re upgrading your plumbing or freshening up a room that hasn’t been updated in awhile, this is the time to make the bold statement you have been dreaming about for your home.

When going bold, it’s a good idea to choose one or two elements to focus on and keep everything else simple. This further highlights the focal point and ensures that the space doesn’t get too busy. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these home improvement ideas for making a bold statement.

1. Kick it up a notch with the kitchen island.

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, add storage, more work surface, and seating with a kitchen island that also adds a little character to the room. As the centerpiece of the room, make it bold with any one of these options:

  • Elegant countertop material
  • Mosaic tile on the front
  • Modern, stylish stools
  • An accent support column
  • Lighting under the countertop
  • Bright paint on one side

For example, this New York kitchen has elegant mosaic tile in a subtle, shimmering pattern. Clear Lucite chairs below allow you to see every detail of this custom island installation.

2. Dazzle with luxurious lighting.

Upgrading your lighting is a great way to make a space more functional and add elegance at the same time. During a renovation is a great time to think about how you use your spaces and what type of lighting would make them the most useful and comfortable.

If you want to make a statement with your lighting choices, consider custom lighting above shelves, adjustable lighting to create the desired mood, sculptural lighting above the kitchen island or dining table, custom lighting under kitchen cabinets, or a statement fixture at the top of the stairs.

This renovation on Charles Street is an excellent example of lighting choices that make a bold statement. From the delicate wreath fixture above the living area to the angular chandelier above the dining area, there’s always something that draws the eye up in this stylish home.

3. Add some flash with flooring.

Transitions between rooms can be challenging when selecting flooring, but they offer an opportunity to draw the eye in a positive way. Flooring selection for any space is also a chance to transform the look and feel of the room. Some of the ways you can spice up your space with flooring include patterned tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms, different materials for transitions between rooms, inlaid wood or stone to make a unique statement, and unique rugs to create separation between spaces.

In this home renovation on South End Avenue, we installed a custom river stone floor in the shower that transforms the look and feel of the space and creates a unique experience.

4. Awe with organization ideas.

One good reason to make home improvements is to gain new space for storage and organization. This mundane goal doesn’t have to result in boring built-ins. Invest in craftsmanship for a stylish solution that will last a lifetime. If you need extra storage or better organization solutions, consider shelves or cubbies integrated into a stair wall, custom built-ins with unique materials or patterns, bold paint colors on storage solutions, and a closet organization system that wows.

The kids’ closet in the Charles Street renovation is a perfect example of blending practical solutions with a whimsical design that wows.

5. Wow with wall coverings and trim.

The finishing touches are sometimes the ones that make the biggest impression. Some of the ways you can make a bold statement with these types of details include an accent wall with a bold paint color, wallpaper with a large pattern in the bathroom, bright tile or a unique tile pattern in the bathroom or shower, lavish trim that stands out, and a black ceiling.

The vivid wallpaper in this Brooklyn powder room is certainly striking—especially when combined with the other design choices in the space.

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