Performing a Complete Luxury Apartment Improvement and More on West End Ave.

Performing a Complete Luxury Apartment Improvement and More on West End Ave.

Sometimes a luxury apartment improvement includes renovating everything but the kitchen sink. That was the case with the interior remodel of a prewar West End Avenue apartment in New York, where we redid the living room, dining room, bathrooms, ceilings, lighting, and floors. We didn’t touch the kitchen, but almost everything else got a luxury face-lift.

New Owners Need a New Look

Every family uses a home differently, and after purchasing this apartment, the owners knew they would have to make some adjustments to accommodate their large family. We worked closely with the interior designer to create a space where they could comfortably gather for meals in the dining room and family time in the living room.

We also made sure the space would work well for entertaining guests, with an open feel that allows everybody to spread out while staying connected. The musician in the family also wanted a recording studio and needed the perfect spot for the grand piano. 

Details That Defy Gravity

One theme that carries throughout the space is a floating effect. The sideboards in the dining room hover above the floor to provide ample storage without feeling bulky or heavy, and the floating shelves above allow the owners to display books and artwork. In the living room, similar floating shelves and cabinets elegantly house music memorabilia and sound equipment. Even the bathroom vanities got the floating treatment to help make the smaller spaces feel less cramped.  

We crafted and installed custom metal brackets in order to create this floating illusion on the walls. They were then carefully concealed to support all the shelving, cabinetry, and counters. The result is a seamless display that defies gravity.

Carefully Customized Lighting

No luxury apartment improvement is complete without thoughtful lighting. To create the desired effect for the bookcases, we designed and installed a custom dimmable LED lighting system that required each wire to be individually hand-cut and hand-fabricated. The result is uniform illumination throughout all of the floating shelves and the ability to adjust the ambience depending on the desired mood.

Expertly Crafted Millwork

Our team did all of the custom millwork for this luxury apartment improvement, including the dining room table, which appears to float on glass legs. We also built custom-gloss lacquer floating shelves along the living room wall with a custom glass overlay to protect the top of the floating cabinet. In the bathroom, we built a floating mirror niche with a cabinet and interior lighting. 

Unexpected Bonus Space

One of the best parts about doing a renovation is finding a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we like to take advantage of the opportunity to do something that wasn’t in the original plans. In this case, we discovered unused space above the existing ceiling, which allowed us to dramatically change the look and feel of the living area. With an additional 12 inches above to open up the space, the new room feels spacious, airy, and inviting. 

Practical Details

A luxury apartment improvement requires more than just revamping the aesthetics of a space. It also requires giving the owners all of the modern conveniences they want and need. For this project, we installed a washer and dryer adjacent to the second bathroom, which required us to work with the building’s management to secure approval and permitting. We successfully facilitated the process and worked with the plumber and electrician to get the necessary drawings and the connections installed. 

Work with a Trusted Partner to Renovate Your Home

We’re proud to share that the final room in this renovation—the master bedroom—was recently completed after an eight-year relationship with this client. At Detail Renovations, we rely on trusted partners to deliver high-quality renovation projects. When you work with us, you can be confident that only the best in the business will be on the project.

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