Opening Up This Home in Whitestone with a Complete Kitchen Remodel

Opening Up This Home in Whitestone with a Complete Kitchen Remodel

One of the perks of working in the renovation industry is that every project is different. No matter how many living rooms get gutted or bathrooms get a facelift, every project comes with its own unique set of challenges and surprises. Sometimes the changes are cosmetic and require very little structural work. Other times we find hidden leaks, and a bathroom remodel turns into a replacement of the entire facade.

This Brooklyn kitchen remodel is a great example of a transformation that goes more than skin deep. The original condition of the late-1800’s space was quite poor, so we couldn’t rely on the integrity of the existing walls. The entire kitchen was gutted (including the lighting, plumbing, and subfloors), the walls were reframed, and the plaster walls were restored before the rest of the transformation even started. 

From Gloomy to Gleaming

The clients wanted to transform their dimly-lit kitchen, with its dated cabinets, dark trim, and awkwardly arranged work spaces. We worked closely with Waterfront Kitchens to bring this kitchen into the modern age without losing the historic details that tie the space to the rest of the apartment. Instead of replacing the original overhead cabinets, the wall was covered with a neutral grey subway tile, opening up the room and making it feel much larger. 

Dark brown floor tile was replaced with large, modern rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern that is both simple and elegant. Built-in cabinetry adjacent to the refrigerator provides ample storage, and a nook for the microwave frees up space on the countertop. A floating island was designed to provide just the right amount of work space without affecting the circulation in the room. 

Reconnecting with Nature

One of the benefits of having a garden-level apartment is the easy access to the outdoors, but only if the space is designed to keep you connected to it. Perhaps the most significant transformation in this kitchen remodel was the addition of large sliding glass doors that bring in natural light, provide a view to the outdoors, and make alfresco dining more convenient. We completely removed the cabinetry and appliances on that wall to make the garden view center stage and enhance access to the backyard. Now when the clients cook or dine in the kitchen, they can enjoy a connection to nature and get the full benefits of their garden-level apartment. 

Protecting the Apartment’s Heritage

In addition to restoring the plaster, the clients wanted to keep some of the original details, specifically the moldings that can also be found in the rest of the apartment. We duplicated the original moldings and re-milled them to exactly match the others so the transition from room to room is seamless. The material choices in this kitchen remodel—the subway tile, marble countertops, and wall-mounted lights above the countertop—all have a modern feel but maintain a touch of the classic aesthetic that keeps the space connected to the rest of the apartment. 

Dining in Style

The original kitchen had a built-in two-level table that served as both a work space and dining area. The clients wanted to keep the functionality of a table in the kitchen but without the heavy base or clunky look of the original piece. We provided the perfect solution with a custom-built wooden table that appears to float away from the countertop. The new surface is both beautiful and functional with space for four chairs and, of course, handy outlets nearby for charging devices. 

With this kitchen remodel we had the opportunity to completely transform the space to make it brighter, more welcoming, and easier to use for a variety of purposes. As always, we couldn’t do this without our trusted partners, who were with us every step of the way. To see more of this unique space, check out the gallery and the before-and-after photos.