Getting Creative with Limited Space in This West 36th Street Luxury Apartment Improvement

Getting Creative with Limited Space in This West 36th Street Luxury Apartment Improvement

Luxury apartment improvement projects often require a few puzzles to be solved along the way. Whether it’s addressing structural issues, creating private space for guests, or getting multiple stakeholders to agree, there is always something to solve. In the case of this New York apartment on West 36th Street, the challenge was to maximize limited space while also creating division between individual rooms. Architect Nelson Benavides provided the creative design solutions and clear communication that enabled us to create an updated, open space that feels clean and modern.    

Diminishing Door Space with Clever Design

In a small apartment, doors can take up valuable living space and interfere with the overall aesthetic. To minimize their impact, all doors were thoughtfully designed and installed. The office door was specifically built to lie completely flush with the wall with the use of special hinge mechanisms. To open the door, the owners simply press it, and it pops out from the wall. A similar design with minimalist hardware was used in the master bedroom to seamlessly integrate the closet doors with the wall.

Floating Cabinets Create an Open Feel

Located at the corner of the building, some of the best features of the kitchen are the large windows on two sides. Although space is limited, ample natural light and large glazing make the space feel more open. The challenge was to keep the light, airy feeling of the room while providing sufficient storage space and work surfaces for a functional kitchen.

A large island provides both seating and additional storage with open shelving on one side and a closed cabinet on the other. Above the countertop where the sink and stove are located, open shelving, with the windows behind, allows light to shine through. A handful of enclosed cabinets also allow the owners to keep clutter at bay.  

For the bottom cabinets, a floating effect was used to maintain the open feel of the space. We achieved this effect by bracing the cabinetry with steel reinforcements, allowing it to float in front of the windows without additional support. Low-profile hardware provides a sleek, minimalist look, which contributes to the uncluttered aesthetic that carries throughout the entire apartment. 

Custom Details in the Master Bedroom

No luxury apartment improvement is complete without a master bedroom oasis. To complement the elegant modern vibe throughout the apartment, we provided custom millwork for the closet and bed. With a warm wood finish and low-profile hardware, the closet doors are flush with the wall and tall enough to maximize storage space inside. The custom headboard and footboard were designed to match the other mid-century modern furnishings in the room, tying the space together. 

Maximizing Space in the Bathroom

A small bathroom doesn’t mean the owners have to sacrifice luxury and convenience. A floating cabinet makes it feel more spacious and opens up the footprint of the floor. A mirror placed perpendicular to the large window amplifies the natural light that already floods into the space, and a compact dual sink offers convenience for the owners without taking up too much room against the wall. 

Large, rectangular tiles with a muted color palette contribute to the expansive feel of the relatively small space. A tankless toilet has a small footprint, and the flat-panel controls blend seamlessly into the wall behind.

Partner with Detail Renovations

Becoming an expert at luxury apartment improvement projects takes years of experience and strong relationships with trusted partners. We worked closely with the architect to make this small apartment feel spacious while still maintaining the unique spaces. Our custom millwork partner delivered quality craftsmanship that met the design specifications and brought the owners’ vision to life. 

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