Creating a New Entertainment Space with a Kitchen Remodel in New York City

Creating a New Entertainment Space with a Kitchen Remodel in New York City

When space is limited in an apartment, making it feel more open is often the best solution for creating a welcoming environment, especially for homeowners who like to entertain. This was the case with this kitchen remodel on 24th Street in New York City. Our client wanted to brighten up the apartment, connect the kitchen to the adjacent living spaces, and create sleek storage in the master bedroom.

Creative Kitchen Solutions

With design guidance from Cesar NYC Kitchens, we created a galley kitchen that is functional, beautiful, and seamlessly connected to the adjoining living and dining spaces. The main goal of this kitchen remodel was to make the space more suitable for entertaining guests. An expansive island provides numerous places for people to perch while chatting with one another or the home chef. Whether sitting at the two corner stools, at the nearby dining table, or in the cozy seating area in the living room, guests will feel effortlessly connected to one another. 


The kitchen island is more than just a resting place for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. It also houses the gas stove, the oven, the microwave, the wine refrigerator, and a few drawers. Having the stove in the island required the installation of hidden mechanical elements for the downdraft system in a concealed panel behind the cabinetry below. When not in use, the top of the island gives no hint of its existence, and when someone is cooking, a hood pops up from the countertop to provide ventilation.   


Of course, every kitchen remodel comes with at least one challenge, and in this case, it was the existing columns and gas risers. Fortunately, the designer came up with creative ways to integrate those immovable elements while still maintaining the open feel the client was seeking.

Clever Storage Solutions

The master bedroom makeover included removing the majority of the closets and replacing them with a custom European wardrobe with integrated lighting. An entire wall is covered in flat-panel doors, hiding the wardrobe and providing ample storage that does not take up valuable living space. Additional closets and the laundry room were modified to improve the sight lines in the newly opened space and to maintain the desired flow from the entryway. 


The kitchen remodel also allowed the client to maximize storage space with vertical pantry shelves that slide out from the cabinet next to the refrigerator. Overhead cabinets above the sink and drawers below keep dishes and other items handy. Under-cabinet lighting also ensures that work spaces stay illuminated without impacting the overall ambience of the room.     

Creating Bright, Open Spaces

The modified entry, new kitchen, and decluttered master bedroom all combine to create a bright, airy space that is perfect both for entertaining and for relaxing at home alone. New custom wide-plank floors tie all of the spaces together with an elegant, unique finish. A fresh coat of high-quality paint lightens up each room and makes the entire apartment feel just a touch larger. 

Details Make the Difference

No matter how large or small a home is, it’s the little details in a renovation that make it feel special. Whether it’s a custom lighting solution or cabinetry designed specifically for how you use it, these types of details can transform a space to make it uniquely yours. Of course, we can’t do all of this alone, which is why we rely on trusted partners for clever design solutions and high-quality craftsmanship. We welcome the types of challenges that come with remodels because we know we can depend on our partners to collaborate on creative solutions. 

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