Lloyd Harbor, New York (Master Bathroom)

Lloyd Harbor, NY (Master Bathroom)

Project Overview

The project was initiated because water issues in the house required taking out the original cabinetry created for the space when the house was built. In an effort to make the best of a bad situation, the homeowner decided to use the project as an opportunity to improve on what was originally there in terms of organization. It was a chance to consider ways to improve the feel of the room by completely renovating the bathroom with a spa, master bathroom, and master closet.


Our objective was to completely renovate the master bathroom. We partnered with AJS Designs for the project.


AJS Design

Unique Element

We had to completely demo the shower and push it to the other side of the room. AJS came up with a mini design of the shower, removed an old-fashioned hot tub, and upgraded it with a beautifully freestanding bullet modern tub. We shifted it to the other side of the bathroom to have a strategic water view while showering.

Custom Creations

The millwork of the cabinets in the master bathroom is a beautiful mixed material. The Miroir Brot, Illuminating Magnifying Mirror was custom-paired with vanity cabinets standing on specially fashioned metal legs.

In The Details

Fixtures were installed with white gloves that needed to be feathered appropriately. The makeup area has three different sources of lighting, and the whole bathroom is completely wrapped in stone accented with handmade Maya Romanoff wallpaper.