831 Broadway, New York

Halstead Offices
831 Broadway,
New York, NY

Project Overview

A complete commercial renovation in an historic cast-iron building that once housed the studio of Willem de Kooning (where he created his most iconic works), in order to make it a more welcoming   place to work with clients.


Turning a real estate office into something more closely resembling a home, and crafting a very calm and comfortable atmosphere in which both agents and management can conduct their business.  Providing visual interest to the clients who come in. And to modernize the antique bathrooms, among other updating. To soften the textures of the space and make it a less-hectic environment for clients and the people who work there.


ASD Design

Custom Creations

Custom millwork and custom glasswork, and restoring the antique aspects of the space,  preserving the charm but making the space more modern and user-friendly. A complete system of custom lighting was created.

In The Details

The walls were skim-coated.  Installed brand-new flooring and carpeting.  And working with the designer added a considerable amount of furniture and textiles.  Instead of a wide open space, different environments were delineated, offering a bit of privacy but still keeping the flow intact.  Taking commercial contracting to a new level.